Beginnings are always the hardest

As a follow-up to my last post, I made some progress on name generation. My secret technique? Using a damn thesaurus to look up common synonyms for the ideas I had that weren’t quite working. I’m still deciding which of my ideas I like best, but I have ideas I like.

Related to the still officially untitled project, I’m finding myself more interested in working on “Books” 2-4 than I am Book 1. I find this slightly concerning for a couple reasons. The first is the sooner I finish Book 1, the sooner I can really polish it and start releasing it. My second concern is I feel like Book 2 is a lot more *interesting* than Book 1 in some ways. I feel it’s akin to a new TV show’s pilot episode. Pilots often spend all their time introducing the characters and their relationships to each other. Although I feel like some interesting plot points happen in Book 1, my Book 2 is where stuff starts really getting fun. I toyed with the idea of making Book 1 a “Book 0” prequel, but I feel Book 2 doesn’t work without laying some of the chronological groundwork in Book 1.

Mostly I just need to focus my energy on the chapters of Book 1 that still need it. It’s really only three chapters that need significant work. I could probably get through them in two weeks and then get to the process of editing and polishing. Perhaps by mid February?

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Naming The Project

“The Project” is a fairly lengthy series of erotic novels I am working on. It’s a first person story with a lot of sex in it but also with plot and interesting character interactions. It’s sort of a coming of age tale since it starts in high school, although only the first part (First Novel?) will be in high school. I’m expecting “Book 1” to clock in somewhere around 35-40k words, which is pretty slim for a “novel”, but still fairly substantial. The rest of the action will take place in college and young adulthood, depending how far I get into my planned plot lines. I know from previous projects it’s easy to make grand plans and only get partially through them, which is part of why to date I’m more of a short story/episodic series writer.

I’m finding it challenging to come up with a great name for The Project. One of my favorite online erotic authors is Nick Scipio¬†who writes the amazing Summer Camp series. However, although the first book does in fact take place almost entirely at a camp during summer, it’s not really a spoiler to say by Book 4 the camp plays a much smaller role in the story.

I need to do some serious brainstorming the next time I’m bored at my day job. I’m not against naming each “book” separately, which might be a better way to approach it. I will post about it once I make a decision.

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Welcome to the new home of James Flagstaff Erotica! You’ve managed to stumble on the new home for my erotic writing, musings, and perhaps occasional review or even picture.

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